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"The greatest happiness in the world is to make others happy."

Luther Burbank

Start helping
the disadvantaged
and marginalized
every month

Choose a

$10 membership

to your favorite

social project.

You'll empower

a different person

each month and

receive their name.

How it Works

You want to help people

We know that you want to help others, but there can be barriers that can make it difficult. For example, giving can often feel unaffordable and inconvenient -- sometimes you don't even know the impact you're making.

We lower the barriers

Our $10 memberships give you the opportunity to empower a different person who's disadvantaged or marginalized each month. At the end of the month, you'll receive the name of the person you specifically impacted.

everyday people
making impact
every month

We don’t think philanthropy is limited to the rich and wealthy. We believe that everyone (from a broke college student to a well-off worker) can create a lifestyle of positive social change.

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity of easy, affordable, and convenient social impact. Because helping people who need us shouldn't be hard or inconveneint.

We have a vision for a world where everyone finds life in giving. In lowering the barriers, we hope to see millions create a giving lifestyle, all while creating greater change together.

How do you want to make your impact?

Choose a social project below

Venture U

Teach Ugandan students how to start their own business.

Each month, get a business training toolkit into the hands of a new Ugandan Student every month. The toolkit teaches them how to vet, plan for, and launch their business idea. Learn More

Resource Center

Connect homeless folks with key tools and next steps.

Galry Art

Give young & everyday artists exposure and encouragement.

With $10 you can
start today

We all want to lend a hand where we're needed -- to truly change the world -- to begin a lifestyle of real impact.

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