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Solve a problem for one person
and change a life.

Do that every month with others
and change the world.

a better way to solve world problems:
together, every month

I'm setting up one of our projects with Ugandan students (2014).

About the Project

Hey there! I'm Travis Mitchell, and I started Cross Create a few years ago to create an easy, effective, and automatic way for ordinary people to start making an extraordinary impact in the world!

I've worked with people from around the world to create low-cost products that help overlooked and marginalized individuals thrive. Joining Cross Create enables you to sponsor one of these likely life-changing products for a new person every month... for only $10.

From attacking poverty in Uganda to addressing homelessness in America, you'll join others in starting automatic impact that you setup once and watch people benefit every month.

How It Works

Here's how you make your automatic impact with Cross Create:

1) Subscribe to a $10 membership (we already have one live!)

2) We deliver a high-impact resource to a new person on your behalf each month

3) Get a monthly update email with, including the names of everyone you've sponsored to date

It's that easy! You sign up online for $10/mo and automatically get an email with a project update and the specific name of the person you've sponsored.

A student with a business training toolkit from a member.

Together, we've already sponsored 630+ business training toolkits for Ugandan students!

Set up your
$10 subscription

Poverty in Uganda

Throughout Africa, people live in poverty because there aren't enough sustainable sources of income (like jobs).

Teach a new person how to start a sustainable business, every month.

This Venture U subscription enables you to deliver a business training toolkit to a secondary school student in Uganda each month. You sign up for $10 a month, we'll deliver it on your behalf and report to you who received it.

Homelessness in America

With the Resource Center subscription, you connect homeless individuals in the US to the best tools and next steps for regaining a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

You should join us!

It's an easy way to start being the change you want to see in the world.

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The Cross Create team

Travis Mitchell founded Cross Create a couple years ago after encountering these problems first hand. Read some of his story here.




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