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Our Goal
Help you create extraordinary social impact, every month, helping one person at a time.

We create products designed to...


fill unique gaps for marginalized and overlooked people.


Make your small investment go a long way to change their lives.

How it works

1 Choose a subscription below for the price of Netflix or Spotify.

2 You'll buy a unique, high-impact resource for someone new each month.

3 We'll deliver it on your behalf, emailing you a report with who got it.

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Venture U

Tackle a huge problem for people trying to rise out of poverty in Uganda. Many realize that starting a business is the best way to rise out of poverty when jobs are scarce. But capital and vocational skills aren't enough.

Lack of business skills training leads to a lot of failing businesses.

Join Venture U to deliver a business training toolkit to a secondary student in Uganda, every month. Every toolkit teaches a student the basic business skills they'll need to know, including how to create a simple business plan.

BONUS: Many students end up sharing their toolkit with their family or village.

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Resource Center

Connect homeless individuals in the US to the best tools and next steps for regaining a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Galry Art

Giving young and everyday artists get exposure, encouragement, and appreciate for their art.

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Ultimately, we want to see you create a lifestyle, through Cross create or another means.

We don’t think philanthropy is limited to the rich and wealthy. We believe that everyone (from a broke college student to a well-off worker) can create a lifestyle of positive social change.

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity of easy, affordable, and convenient social impact. Because helping people who need us shouldn't be hard or inconveneint.

We have a vision for a world where everyone finds life in giving. In lowering the barriers, we hope to see millions create a giving lifestyle, all while creating greater change together.

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