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We've created social projects that allow you to start making a real, difference in someone else's life who needs it! When you join a project for $10 a month, you'll receive an update on who you were able to impact that month.

Venture U

Venture U teaches Ugandan students the basics of starting a sustainable business.

Resource Center

Give a homeless individual an account to a directory of self-help tools for rising out of homelessness.


Showcase an unknown artist on an online gallery who otherwise wouldn't get much appreciation.

Real Impact Happens

As people join our social projects, they are trading in their $10 a month for the opportunity to make a real, meaningful impact. Each month we publish updates on what we accomplished with everyone's investment.

Venture U

Teach basic business skills to Ugandan students each month.

In many developing countries around the world, starting a business is the only way to rise out of poverty and survive. The problem is that most of these businesses fail - not from lack of capital - but from lack of knowledge!

Venture U is making basic business education available to anyone in the community. We give our business training toolkit to a Ugandan school each month, and teach a workshop there. The toolkit is easy to understand, culturally relevant, and can be used by the school for years to come.

Our vision is to see communities in every country making basic business education available so that people will be equipped to sustain themselves through their businesses. Join Venture U to bring an entrepreneurship workshop and toolkit to a new Ugandan school each month!

Resource Center

Connect homeless individuals to self-help tools each month.

Homeless shelters throughout America are on mission to end homelessness. They want to do more than just provide temporary shelter. They want to equip homeless individuals with the skills and resources they need to truly rise out of homelessness for good.

Resource Center makes it super easy for any homeless shelter to give those skills and resources. We give them a login for our online resource directory, which lets users browse topics that relate to personal and professional growth. Simply clicking on a topic takes them to the best free resource available online.

Our vision is to see homeless individuals discovering and taking the next step towards true self-sustainability. Join Resource Center to help equip a homeless shelter and the individuals they serve each month!


Showcase young and everyday artists each month.

Many young and everyday artists can feel like their talents are discouraged, unnoticed, and ultimately unappreciated. It can seem like only the few artists that "make it big" get their work showcased and truly appreciated.

Galry is bringing these artists into the spotlight and saying that their art is valuable. We reach out to Instagram artists personally, inviting them to contribute to our online art gallery. And we send out mini art galleries to email subscribers, showcasing particular artists and passing along the positive feedback.

Our vision for young and everyday artists around the world start to see the value and power of their art, and use it to change the world. Join Galry to promote an online art gallery of under-appreciated artists each month!

Together, we'll solve problems for those who don't get much help.

There are many people and organizations around the world that don't get much help. Homeless shelters, schools in Uganda, everyday artists, and more.

They don't get much help because they don't have much to give in exchange. They're poor, underfunded, or simply don't make great customers for other businesses. As a result, their problems don't get solved by innovative businesses.

We create a solution to their problems, and you help deliver it for $10 a month.

We're on a mission to bring the best business help to the worst business customers.