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"The greatest happiness in the world is to make others happy."

Luther Burbank

Sustainable social impact, completely re-imagined.

Invest $10.

Equip one person.

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Do it with others.

Change real lives.

Change the world.

How it Works

1. Choose a social project to join for $10/mo. Every project helps a specific group of people every month. That way, you can choose what kind of impact you'll make on a monthly basis.

2. Each month, your subscription directly empowers someone new. For example, you could equip a new Ugandan student with a business toolkit or a homeless individual with specific next steps to sustainability.

3. Get a personalized email, confirming exactly who you helped that month. It's important that you see how your specific investment is actually helping real people. That's something nonprofits can't practically offer.

A small investment for serious impact.

We discovered that super small investments can actually power massive social change. We've seen it happen in Uganda, and we want to make it happen everywhere.

Our social projects are designed to take your $10 investment and supply a life-changing opportunity for someone who could really use it. Imagine having that kind of impact on a different person every month, automatically.

We want to see hundreds, thousands, millions ban together to tackle key social problems with real, empowering opportunities. Join us as we set out to change the world - one person, one month at a time.

How do you want to make your impact?

Venture U

Teach Ugandan students how to start their own business.

Each month, get a business training toolkit into the hands of a new Ugandan Student every month. The toolkit teaches them how to vet, plan for, and launch their own business idea. Learn More

Resource Center

Connect homeless folks with key tools and next steps.

Galry Art

Give young & everyday artists exposure and encouragement.

Get a personalized update email

with the name of who you specifically impacted that month

Make your impact

We believe the next generation of world-changers will be ordinary people who empower people in need of opportunity. Join us as we share what we have and make our mark.

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