Innovative impact for the Overlooked


Homeless Individuals
Youth and College Students
Low-Income Communities
Small Nonprofits
Rural Entrepreneurs
Everyday Artists
And More...

So many people like these experience real challenges. Unfortunately, many of their problems often go unaddressed because they don't make high-paying customers. They're the under-served. The underdogs. The overlooked. And we're on mission to use modern technology and problem-solving to address their most relevant needs.


Join us in supporting the overlooked - those who need modern innovation most. We have many opportunities for individuals, small businesses, nonprofits, and even corporations to get involved and join the mission. Whether you're looking to become a sponsor, advertise, help more directly, or simply give back, talk to us and we'll partner up.

We have a huge mission that we can't do alone. We need you, whether you're an interested student or a booming business. More importantly, the people we are trying to serve need your help. So let's join forces. Let's work together.

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Innovative impact for the Overlooked

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So many people in the developing world start their own business to provide for their families. Yet, most of those businesses fail because they don't have any business training. Venture U brings practical business education to those who need it to survive.


Everyday artists struggle to find real encouragement and community because traditional art isn't appreciated like it used to be. Galry is a social art gallery that showcases work from both aspiring and professional artists, and connects the rest of the world to their art.

YC Academy

Small businesses and nonprofits struggle to get outside help in reaching their goals because consulting is often expensive and impractical. YC Academy connects these small organizations to trained young consultants that are effective, practical, and low-cost.

Clearcut Tuts

Students spend countless hours on Youtube, but learning new, interesting things would be so much easier if they could simply browse cool topics. Clearcut Tuts puts the best videos into topics, making it actually quick and fun to discover new careers, subjects, and skills.

Resource Center

Sometimes the resources people need most are surprisingly hard to find. Resource Center makes the truly free and most helpful web resources super easy to find by putting them all in one place. We even update it with requests and suggestions from the people using it.