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"I hope Cross Create shows ordinary people that they can create extraordinary impact."
Travis B. Mitchell

A note from Travis
the founder

"I believe everyone can start changing lives."

You shouldn't have to be a billionaire to start radically changing people's lives. Even if you're young, low-income, super busy, or live in a remote part of the world, you should be able begin empowering the people who need it most.

I've found that the best way to start is to just do something, anything every month. You don't need $1,000,000. You don't even need $100. You'd be surprised just how much $10 of yours can do to set someone else up for a life that's safe, healthy, fulfilling, and successful. That's why I started this project — to give you a portal for turning $10 into a life-changing experience for someone who needs it.

"Cross Create catalyzes your personal impact."

I've developed a series of $10 products that actually have the ability to change someone's life. When you subscribe to Cross Create for $10/mo, you'll buy one product a month. My team and I will deliver that product to a new person on your behalf. Then we'll get back to you via email with exactly who received it from you, a list of everyone you've bought a product for so far, and a success story about someone who's used it successfully.

"Let's start in Uganda!"

Right now, I have one product that's available called Venture U. It's a $10 business training toolkit you can buy for a Ugandan student who wants to start a business to support their family. Many students have already started successful businesses, using the money to pay for tuition, healthcare, food, and more for themselves and their families. Check out some of their stories here.

This is personal philanthropy that's easy, affordable, and life-changing. If you can afford Netflix or Spotify, then you can start buying a product like Venture U for one person in the world — every single month.

"You don't have to wait."

It can be so easy for us to have the best intentions, thinking of all the good we would do if we had money to spare. But when we have the opportunity to start doing good now with the little we do have, we get to put action behind our intentions - walking the walk, not just talk the talk.

You can start with $10 and two minutes. Maybe try $10 for one product every month, then increase your impact as you increase your finances. But even if one is all you do, empowering one person who could really use your help is huge in and of itself. So together, let's make your "little" go a long way.

Start making a tangible impact every month for real people facing real problems in the world.

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Venture U

Help a Ugandan student who's trying to create stable income for their family. Many realize that starting a business is the best way to rise out of poverty when jobs are scarce. However, capital and vocational skills aren't enough.

Lack of business skills training leads to failing businesses.

Join Venture U to deliver a business training toolkit to a secondary student in Uganda, every month. Every toolkit teaches a student the basic business skills they'll need to know, including how to create a simple business plan. Many students share both their income and the toolkit with their family or village.

Resource Center

Connect homeless individuals in the US to the best tools and next steps for regaining a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Galry Art

Give young and everyday artists exposure, encouragement, and appreciate for their original art.

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